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Poverty Alleviation

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We are a non-profit organization that support community to improve their livelihood.

CDO support some poverty alleviation interventions as part of the national efforts towards eradication of poverty in the country. The targeted groups are Youths and Women from low resource income families. Before engaging the group in the economic empowerment interventions, there are some processes that need to be done for the identified groups and these include Loan application, Committee review, Entrepreneurship training and Loan disbursements.

Before giving loans, entrepreneurship seminar takes place to help build capacities of the entrepreneurs

Poverty Alleviation

What We Do

The main aim of involving the target group in the poverty alleviation interventions is to build their capacity in entrepreneurship skills that will enable them to run petty business successfully, profitably and sustainably. Since 2003, CDO has provided soft loans to widows, women, young parents and youths. More than 1000 people have benefited to the soft loans provided by the Organization amounting to more than Tshs. 70,000,000/= for the last 14 years with a starting capital of Tshs. 6,000,000/= as a revolving fund with an interest rate of 10%. Through dialogues and field observations the impact is vivid, most of the borrowers have used the profit generated through loans to build, repair houses, buy farms, send children to higher education, expand and diversify their businesses and increase the number of meals per day.

Poverty Alleviation

Yearly progression

10% Interest Rate

We have very low interest of 10% of the soft loan for a year

20% Capital Increase

About 14 years ago the starting capital was Tshs 6 Millions and currently the capital is more than 70 Millions

75% Increase on borrowers

On 2003 we started with about 20 borrowers but now borrowers are more than 150

90% Returns

Most of the loans are returned with interest and on time.