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Computer and Tailoring

CDO at Nigel Lloyd resource center we provide computer and tailoring courses
Also we make beautiful textile designs.

Study Center

Computer Course

CDO has a resource center which is located at Changarawe where there are 15 computer and 1 capable trainer. At the computer course we train the computer course in three aspects:-
1. Introduction to Computer
2. Microsoft Office package (word, powerpoint, excel and publisher)
3. Internet, mail and web surfing

Our fee is cheap and affordable. Welcome


There is a tailoring course, where we have a qualified tailoring teacher who trains students to be the best in tailoring
Our fee is cheap and affordable. Welcome

In tailoring project we also make well designed and beautiful aprons and bags which are sold both domestically and internationally.
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Textile Designs

CDO is producing textile designs products which we are sell nationally and internationally. We sell the textiles through our sponsors in London. CDO makes textile designs and ships them to London to our sponsor for fund raising purposes.
Textile designs we make are like approns, beach bags, shopping bags and many other beautiful products.

Just because it's handmade doesn't mean it is not the best.
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