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Care For Elderly

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.

Care For Elderly project is famously known as Bibi Babu project

The Organization supports elderly people in the community as an effort to ensure they get some basic needs such as mattresses, mosquito nets and bed sheets. The Organization is currently supporting 65 grandparents. Once a month there is a social day event for elderly people, in which the Organization provides meals and drinks. Also, in that day elders dance traditional dances to embrace their culture and cement their togetherness. During that day, they also get some presents i.e. 2 pieces of laundry soap, monthly food package of beans and maize flour per person. The Organization is looking at elderly people as an asset to the community. This arrangement has made elderly people to be very participatory in the implementation of various interventions in the community. In addition, the elderly people have been instrumental in providing key messages to other members of the community especially those related to behavioural change.
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Care For Elderly

Why Bibi Babu project

CDO is not an orphanage center thus the orphans that we support lives with their relatives and most of them are living with their grandparents. Giving a grandchild a matress and other materials to use while his/ her granny sleeps on the floor proved to be cumbersome and also not much ethical for our culture. Since grandparents were also helping to support orphans it was reasonable for the organization to find the way to help on the matter hence starting Bibi Babu project

In addition, the elders once they fall sick they get treatment support from the Organization.